Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

Facilities with Encore Respiratory Therapy in place can take higher complexity residents much earlier than their competitors.

  • Specialty Respiratory Care services that other post-acute facilities are unable to provide
  • Increase overall clinical capability of facility
  • Increase marketability to referral partners & ACO’s
  • Early identification of medically necessary Respiratory conditions to maximize reimbursement

Meet Clinical Needs
Inclusion of a Respiratory Therapist to your current rehabilitation program will greatly reduce the risk for unplanned discharges.

  • Proper identification comorbidities
  • Complete assessments of patients referred to RT
  • Customized plan of care and treatment regimens
  • Pulmonary management by a dedicated Respiratory Therapist

Collaboration Between all Disciplines
Extensive educational support model that includes the following in “5” key areas of care

  1. Routine Oxygen Systems: Application & Management
  2. BiPAP and CPAP Management
  3. COPD Assessment and Management
  4. Bronchial Hygiene Therapy: Common Diagnosis and Management
  5. Tracheostomy Care and Management