Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

Encore Rehabilitation offers a quality assurance program designed to promote clinical excellence through implementation of quality measures and adherence to company and industry standards. Our Quality Assurance Department has defined “quality assurance” at Encore Rehabilitation as:

Quality Assurance encompasses any activity that is concerned with assessing and improving the merit or the worth of an intervention or its compliance with given standards. It is a systematic process for checking that services developed and delivered meet or exceed expectations. A successful quality assurance program will result in increased customer confidence and company credibility, improved processes and efficiency and a strong competitive advantage. Quality assurance allows for identifying areas of need and applying focused action by all team members for positive change.

Some of the activities and processes underway at Encore Rehabilitation include:

  • Documentation Review – A team of Quality Assurance Specialists complete a standardized chart review for each facility each quarter. The tool utilized is the same for each site with a comprehensive list of indicators and definitions to guide the process. Criteria are established for “passing/failing” for each indicator as well as for an overall quarterly score. Operators and clinical educators provide follow up action planning as needed to ensure ongoing improved results. The intent of this process is to measure, educate for improvement and manage for the benefit of our patients and our customers. Specific facility and customer quarterly and annual summaries are provided.
  • Resident Satisfaction Surveys – By providing our therapy patients with the opportunity to report their satisfaction with our performance, we are able to obtain firsthand information about our patients’ experiences. A short survey is provided at the time of discharge from skilled therapy services, consisting of statements directly related to the patient’s therapy experience. In addition to obtaining specific facility responses, our data is collected and reported in a format that compares individual facilities to others within Encore, therefore being of greater value to our customers.
  • Facility Self-Assessment – Therapy Program Managers are provided a self-assessment tool that allows them to monitor and check their compliance with key variables for maintaining quality and meeting regulatory guidelines. Each month they complete a different checklist of rehab related criteria which is then submitted to the QA Department. This ensures survey readiness and efficient and effective rehab department organizational management.

An Integrated Approach to Quality Assurance is of utmost importance for all of us at Encore Rehabilitation. All processes and systems implemented, measured and monitored by our QA Department include the involvement and expertise of all individuals and departments. QA team members ensure that all levels of management are properly educated and trained on the quality measures being implemented. The reporting of results to operators and clinical educators ensures the most timely and effective follow up to our findings. With RVPs visiting sites and maintaining ongoing communications with their teams and customers, adherence to quality processes is assured. The QA Department at Encore Rehabilitation is committed to supporting our facility rehab departments and our customers through ongoing implementation of innovative quality measures.