How to safely ‘fly the coop’

Transitions in care can be difficult, they can be scary, and when not coordinated appropriately they can be downright dangerous. 


So what are the steps we need to consider when transitioning individuals across care settings?


Step One: Understand the setting specific reimbursement structure and outcomes measures


For those of us who live and breathe post-acute care spectrum care, we have been patiently watching the regulatory changes associated with IMPACT develop and appear to merge magically into greater levels of standardizations. 


Exciting, right? 


We appreciate that the Patient-Drive Payment Model presents similar themes and structure to the Home Health PDGM model and the fact that we also see a greater level of consistency in functional outcome standardization across the IRF-PAI, MDS and OASIS, including Section GG functional status and Section C BIMS. 


More importantly, however, than the models and the measures themselves, we need to understand how we structure care to safely progress our patients across the care spectrum. 
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