Student Clinical Affiliation Program

Encore Rehabilitation Services’ Student Clinical Affiliation Program was recognized and awarded the 2019 Impact Award by the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers & Agencies (NARA) for our successful ability to collaborate with over 1,300 community school programs across an influence of 34 states and 600 facilities to support future generations of therapists.  

NARA’s national effect serves as a catalyst for educational opportunities, advocacy, and legislative updates for regulatory efforts directly impacting the rehabilitation industry. 

This activator is the force that outlines the foundation of Encore Rehabilitation Services’ Student Clinical Affiliation Program which is built upon Clinical Instructor educational and experiential development, Student education and orientation, partnership with Community School Faculty and employment opportunities within the Encore Rehabilitation Services’ family.

Each aspect of working with a Student carries its own magnitude towards developing a positive, healthy and progressive experience for both the Clinical Instructor and Student.  Preparedness is key in building bridges between the transitional phases of Self and Student as future careers are developed.

If you would like to learn more about Encore’s Student Clinical Affiliation Program, please contact [email protected].