Patient-Driven Payment Model

PDPM is coming October 2019. Encore can help prepare you with:

  • Rehab Roundtable Monthly Educational Series for therapy teams and customers
  • Therapy MDS Experts provided for current and future analysis of coding practices
  • Clinical Pathways to guide highest level of evidenced based interprofessional clinical practice

Encore is excited to introduce our PDPM Academy. This Customer and Employee Learning Environment (available inside the Encore customer portal) contains Clinical and Quality educational training materials. PDPM Academy can be used as a joint e-learning environment which allows us the opportunity to offer you the ability to customize the platform with your own content and corporate educational materials.

Our PDPM Academy is a comprehensive and evolving platform that will highlight Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM), Value Based Purchasing (VBP), Quality Reporting Program (QRP), Quality Measures (QMs) and our Interprofessional PDPM specific Clinical Pathways.

This portal includes content delivered via:

  • Live Videos
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Competency Testing

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